Welcome to Gymnastics!

Gymnastics can help develop a person’s body into a fit individual that will ensure a healthy lifestyle. It can also provide students with the opportunity to develop spatial awareness, strength, flexibility and coordination in a safe environment. This semester we will be doing various gymnastics activities. Our class will stress the importance of student safety, participation and sportsmanship while learning and performing various gymnastics skills.

Class Objective :
o To promote knowledge and skills that will allow students to be physically active for a lifetime.

Class Goals:
o To encourage students to participate in various gymnastics-related activities during the semester; and
o To provide students with the necessary skills and instruction to develop knowledge, positive attitudes, strength, flexibility, coordination, spatial awareness, motor skills, self-management skills, sportsmanship, teamwork and personal confidence for a productive, healthy and active lifestyle.

Class Grades:
Students will receive instruction for the following pieces of equipment: boy’s parallel bars, high bar, vault, pommel horse, floor exercise and rings; and girl’s vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor exercise.  Full participation is required in order to pass gymnastics class.  Students will earn 30 participation points per day primarily through dressing out, participation, activities, cooperation, good sportsmanship, proper care of equipment, the ability to follow all safety rules, skills, and written quizzes and tests. 

Safety is my number one priority.  Students will be assessed mainly by teacher observation/evaluation of safety policy and skill progression.  You will be assigned skills and routines that will be graded by observation.  So be safe, follow safety rules, participate, progress and you will earn your points, which will be totaled at the end of each 9 weeks.  Approximately 80% of your grade will come from class participation and 20% will come from skills and written test.  The total number of points earned will be divided by the total amount of points possible.  Semester test grades will count for 25% of the total grade.

Team Grades:
Gymnastics team members, the same grading policy mentioned above also applies to you.  However, the bulk of your grade will come from performances both at school and in competition.  You may have a few required performances at school.  You will be graded not only for your full participation, or lack of, but also your ability to follow safety policy, presentation and overall performances.  We will have numerous skill tests, both on routines and on individual skills.  With safety being my number one priority, only those team members that show a minimum mastery of safe routines will be allowed to compete.  This will be totally determined by me, your coach.  In addition, team members are required to attend the back-to-school and open house performances, which will be worth 300 points. Finally, team members will have a packet of LHSAA forms that are mandatory for participation on any team.  

Dressing Out:
1st and 2nd time of not dressing out will be 30 points off per day; 3rd time will be a call home and 30 points off; and 4th time and thereafter will be a detention and 30 points off.

Late Work:
Students are permitted to make up missed points if an absence is excused. 

Students must be ready for roll check five minutes after the tardy bell rings. 

Class Uniform:
All students are required to purchase a physical education uniform at Shreveport Gymnastics. The shorts are red cotton material and the shirts are white cotton material. Both the shirts and shorts are $7.50 each. There are also red mesh shorts available for $10.50. 

For safety reasons, if you have long hair you are required to wear it up and out of your face; with the exception of small studded earrings, no jewelry is to be worn; you must wear your shirt tucked in during class; and under no circumstance will you be allowed to wear regular school clothes to class. All students must have tennis shoes and socks (shoes do not need to be new). You may run in street shoes or barefoot. All students must dress out in the locker rooms, not in the bathrooms of any building.  Finally, please take your clothes home regularly to be laundered. 


Team Uniform:
All female competitive team members are required to wear any sleeveless leotard and tight-fitting black gymnastics shorts (nylon lycra or cotton). These shorts may be worn during warm-up and in class over their leotard. These items may be purchased online, at Shreveport Gymnastics Academy, or at any of the local gymnastics clubs.  All male competitive team members are required to wear either a physical education uniform, or a white or black tight-fitting tank shirt, and red or black loose-fitting shorts. The reason for tight- or loose-fitting is for safety reasons. These can be purchased anywhere locally or online.  All competitive gymnastics team members are also required to purchase competition uniforms. 

There is a $40 fee for materials and supplies, and is due at the beginning of the school year.  Freshman taking health for 1/2 of the school year are to pay $20.

Gym Locker:
All students are required to bring a combination lock from home for their gym locker.  There is no cost for the locker.  You must provide the combination of that lock to me. 

Other Rules:
No student is allowed to drink, chew gum, eat candy or other food during class without permission. No student is allowed on the gymnastics or climbing equipment unless supervised by me. No student may spot another student without permission by me. Please remember that at all times safety comes first! 

Finally, students are responsible for all of their personal belongings. Students may lock their purses, wallets, lunches, jewelry and any other personal/valuable items in their locker during class, or put your personal/valuable items in your purses/backpacks and place them on the shelves in the classroom.

Remember, when you are in class, you are expected to work.  I look forward to a great year at Caddo Magnet High School.  Working together, we can help you have the best school year yet!  

Mrs. Julie Anderson 
Class phone: 364-5056
Email:  or
Planning Period: 5th

Tentative Schedule:           

Tentative Schedule:           

Daily: Warm up – Strength – Stretch - Skills – Cool Down
Fall Schedule:
August 11 – August 15 Introductions, forms, team building games
August 18 – August 22 Introduction, safety instruction, and physical fitness testing/evaluation
August 25 – September 30 Basic skills
October 1 – November 7 Intermediate skills
November 10 – December 5 Routines
December 8 – December 12 Rock Climbing/Semester Review
December 16 – December 19 Midterm Exams

Spring Schedule:
January 5 – January 9 Team building games
January 12 – January 16 Introduction, safety instruction, and physical Fitness testing/evaluation
January 19 – February 27 Basic skills
March 2 – April 3 Intermediate skills
April 6 – May 1 Routines
May 11 – May 15 Archery/Semester Review
May 18 – May 21 Final Exams